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The Isabel Bailey Band is a Folk Rock group out of Virginia led by singer and songwriter, Isabel Bailey. Isabel’s impactful performance delivers an inviting and seductive experience. Her heartfelt songwriting speaks to timeless aspects of the human experience: stages of love, despair, and hope. Isabel’s velvet vocals and impactful performance deliver an inviting and seductive experience reminiscent of the warm vintage punch of the 60’s and 70’s. Backed by some of central Virginia’s strongest instrumentalists, the Isabel Bailey Band is a full force gale, not to be unheeded.

The most recent track "Favorite Color in the Summer" is out now on all platforms.

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Every instrument in the recording fits perfectly in its place, patiently pushing the song forward. Bailey’s vocals give off the perfect energy for this love ballad, matching the smooth tone of the instrumental underneath” - Nuance Magazine on newest track, "Always"

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